Thursday, 2 June 2011

The Pick of the Bunch - Spring into Summer

Rye Muesli Soda Bread

Well, people, I have been away a couple of weekends in a row, and I'm heading off on a week-long holiday this weekend. There hasn't been much cooking going on around these parts, but there has been quite a lot of dreaming about food........and catching up on blogs I love.......and a bit more dreaming about food.....

Thai Soup inspired by Nigel Slater

But instead of keeping all the goodies for myself, I thought I'd share my favourite picks from the recipes I've bookmarked in the past week or so.

Mini Gooey (Swedish) Chocolate Cakes
Strange as it may sound,  when I tried to get my choices down to four or five recipes, I  found that I had the perfect spring-into-summer menu. I hope you agree!

The Starter/Appetiser

The Main Course....

Gwyneth's Ten-Hour Chicken from Belleau Kitchen

.....accompanied by

Creamy Potato Salad with Radishes, Onions and Capers from Kryddburken


Pea, herb and almond crush from Scandi Foodie

The Dessert

Spiced Pavolova with caramelized cherries and pistachios from Delicious Days

Let's eat!


  1. Great selection! The dessert you picked looks awesome. I am going to have to check out these blogs! Thanks!

  2. You made great choices. I love discovering new recipes and blogs. Thank You.

  3. That really is a lovely menu. The pavlova makes me swoon!

  4. This is a great selection, very well rounded. Summer is a ggod time for entertaining inside or out and planning meals are always fun.

  5. Gorgeous! Have a wonderful holiday x
    The Kitchenmaid (google won't let me sign in as myself!)

  6. Nice idea to feature blogs to create a menu. Enjoy your holiday!

  7. Great recipes. Have a nice getaway.

  8. that bread looks so good!

  9. Thank you for the mention Ruth! All recipes sound fantastic, I don't know where to start!

  10. Yum, the mini gooey Swedish chocolate cakes are a great find! Thanks for passing it along!

  11. Oh, I do say yes to a menu like that, just waiting for the invite;) Especially the asparagus and pea soup.. Yum!

  12. Great menu with a light refreshing finish. Swedish cake (kladdkaka) is really awesome. A great cake made with just a few ingredients.

  13. Great selection of blogs you have chosen there - with some brilliant recipes.

    Your mini gooey (swedish) chocolate cakes look fandabbydosey!!

  14. That is a meal to which I would like to be invited.

  15. oh my gosh! that bread looks incredible!


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